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About Us

We launched in 1947 in Asheville, North Carolina, and were originally named White Knight to celebrate the doctors who wore our white lab coats. Over the years, our business expanded to provide protective wear for many critical environments. Our  protective garments were, and continue to be, core to protecting people and products.

To better reflect our business, in 2022 we changed our name to CritiCore.

Promises Are Kept

Though our business has grown and our services have expanded, our one driving philosophy has remained constant: A promise made is a promise kept.

Protection You Can Depend On

CritiCore protective wear protects people and the critical environments where they work. These workplaces keep our world going, and they count on us to come through every time.

Quality Management System: The Gold Standard

We produce and deliver only first-quality products to the customer on time. From sourcing and product development, to production and product to delivery, we are the gold standard.

Third- Party Testing

We source and construct protective wear to the highest standards and we can prove it. We have mountains of test data for our products, and we include a chart demonstrating their performance.