Excellence in Critical Protective Wear

CritiCore offers many protective wear solutions to make ordering and receiving your cleanroom garments easy.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

No One Is Better!

Need a customized garment?  Our experts will work with you to design a custom solution that meets the requirements for your specific environment and best protects your work environment, people and products.

Our team uses technology that enables our CritiCore experts to create patterns from existing garments or develop an idea from scratch quickly and cost effectively.

Stocking Program

We Have Room for You in Our Warehouse!

Our inventory program is about using our warehouse to your advantage.

We offer an in-house stocking program that keeps the garments you need, in stock for you, to fulfill your orders quickly and avoid costly delays.

By working together, we are able to stock enough of the garments you need on a regular basis to fulfill those orders quickly. All of our garments meet or exceed industry-specific standards for quality and performance.

Let us carry your inventory, so that you can meet the requirements of your customers better, faster, and at a lower cost.

Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping

Delivering What We Promise!

We deliver what we promise to keep your company’s production moving. If an order needs to be expedited, we can drop-ship it from any of our locations.

Know exactly when to expect your order. We will provide you with online ordering and tracking that integrates with your shipper’s software such as FedEx, UPS, etc. to exactly match your routing instructions.

Software Built For You

Stay Informed at a Glance! We use a variety of tools that you can see on one platform. These tools aim to help you stay informed about your account. You can:
  • check the status of your order anytime
  • check all open orders by location
  • Review all shipped orders in the past 90 days
  • Search for any of our products
  • and more!
It’s easier to meet expectations when you can see the progress your shipment is making.
Software Designed for YOU
Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Take Advantage of our Expertise!

Our commitment to market leadership demands that we stay on top of apparel trends in design, fabric, and construction. While we maintain a healthy research and development effort, much of our innovation arises from customer engagements.

When you choose Criticore for your custom apparel needs, you reap the benefits of more than six decades of expertise in designing and manufacturing garments for the most challenging industrial environments in the world.

See the CritiCore difference for yourself, and enjoy our responsive, attentive service as we custom tailor the apparel to meet your exact specifications.