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Get Ready for Inventory, There When You Need It

When a company needs specialized industrial garments, there are normally two main requirements: 1.) the garments must be high-quality, and 2.) they must be delivered quickly and efficiently. You need garments that do the job, and you need them as quickly as possible–CritiCore is here to provide this efficiency at scale.

From small to large businesses, CritiCore caters to garment orders of various volumes with ease through its Right-on-Time ready inventory program and warehouse facilities.

What is the right-on-time ready inventory program?

The right-on-time ready inventory program sets CritiCore apart from other precision garment manufacturers by enabling us to provide quick industrial workplace apparel distribution at high volumes. We keep your critical SKUs stocked regularly to ensure that orders can be fulfilled quickly and without error. Our stocking program guarantees you’ll have the right garments that meet or exceed industry quality and performance standards, when you need them.

Why do our customers need a ready inventory program?

This program fosters efficient capabilities that can be critical for clients looking to purchase in volume in order to predict and avoid garment shortages. The program is evidence of one of CritiCore’s core competencies, efficient logistics. As we develop our relationships, we encourage companies–large and small–that order at scale to join our stocking program, ensuring that garment needs will never cause downtime in the lab or on the production floor.

The right-on-time ready inventory program sets CritiCore apart. When we carry your inventory, you’re better able to satisfy the requirements of your customers quickly and at a lesser cost. Whether you’re a large organization with a small order or a small business with a large order, we’re ready to provide responsive, fast service with an unwavering commitment to quality.

The CritiCore Difference

Not only does our inventory program facilitate speedy service, but our quality assurance team is there to ensure we exceed your product expectations. The QA team checks each lot of garments twice — once on-site after they’re manufactured, and again in our quality room at our Charlotte headquarters. We diagnose any issues we find to address underlying causes–from equipment malfunction to supply-chain errors– through lot-level traceability. By identifying what’s wrong, we can document it and ensure it won’t happen again.

“What I like best about our ready inventory program is that it helps our distributors and their customers in so many ways,” said Jamie Lickert, Major Accounts Manager at CritiCore. “The industries we serve demand great quality and high performance, but they also demand quick turnaround for their orders. Every business, whether it’s a garment-maker like CritiCore or or a pharmaceutical research facility, must do everything possible to eliminate downtime. Downtime is the enemy of any product manufacturing or research operation. Distributors can count on us to be responsive and efficient in helping their customers manage continuous operations.”

For more information on our industry-leading ready inventory program, contact the service team at CritiCore today.

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